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Oftentimes silent and mysterious, though unexpectedly filled with rhythmic movement, the paintings of Niklas Alriksson possess an enigmatic feeling that captivate the viewer, offering a sense of infinity - out of time and out of space. They suggest a contemplation of the transcendent and universal, emanating symbol and metaphor in the experience of space; directly in the shapes and colours on the canvas as well as in the mind of the observer. Niklas Alriksson works out of the myth, the instinctive, emotional conception and experience of the essence, the gist of all the things that compose our tangible environment. His work suggests the early Russian futurists concept of ‘zaum’, literally ‘beyond the mind’ or ‘transreason’. Cosmic geometry encounter the divine proportions of the human body, being an analogy for the workings of the universe. Returning time and again to the outer form of the head, or skull, continuously morphing it in colour and form in order to access "the supremacy of pure feeling" and spirituality, he is closely related to Kazimir Malevich, the creator of Suprematism, who in his manuscript 'God is not cast down' from 1922 wrote:

“Man's skull represents the same infinity for the movement of conceptions. It is equal to the universe, for in it is contained all that sees in it.

Likewise, the sun and whole starry sky of comets and the sun pass in it and shine and move as in nature... 
Is not the whole universe that strange skull in which meteors, suns, comets and planets rush endlessly?”

   Bogdan Szyber, PhD 

Runner Folie - Svart.png


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